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FAQs for Online Outward Remittance

1. What are the eligible purposes for Online Outward Remittances? Online Outward Remittance can be made for the below mentioned purposes: Education Abroad Emigration fees Employment abroad Maintenance of close relative Medical Treatment Purchase Of Goods/Medicines etc for Personal Use Visa fees Police verification Private Visit Abroad

2. What is the limit for Online Outward Remittances? Limit for Online Outward remittance is upto USD 25,000 per month per transaction; subject to purpose specific limit specified by Reserve Bank of India.

3. Are the NRI customers are eligible for Online Outward Remittance? NRI customers are eligible to online outward remittance from NRE/FCNR accounts only. Online remittance facility is not available for NRO account holders.

4. What is the limit through Online Outward Remittances from NRE/ FCNR account? No limit from NRE / FCNR account.

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